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Minnesota and Western Wisconsin
2020 Minnesota Spring Golf Tour
May 28th at Tanners Brook
Announcements for TANNERS BROOK
  1. We will play summer rules, play the ball down
  2. In Bunkers you may move your ball out of disturbed area, footprints, but you must remain in the bunker.
  3. Waste Bunkers Play it as it lies
  4. Men from the White Tees
  5. Women from the RedTees
  6. Rulings issues, Play a second ball and ask host Professional Craig Brischke after the round
  7. No Caddies, or contact from parents during the round will be allowed
  • Check in before the round, there will be one scorecard per group and everyone should check scores at the end of the round.
  • Please social distance during the round, range balls will be includedfor this event.
  • Parents may watch but must remain at a distance and can rent carts for $20 plus tax